If you have signed up for an event that you can no longer go to, please fill out the cancellation form below.

If you have pictures of events you already attended, please submit with the Articles and Visuals form below.

(Must be done at least 48 hours in advance)

Ongoing Events

-Desk Cleaning
-Teacher Grading


Home events:
-Plarn making
-Dog toy making (instructions on instagram)

Online Service Events

Charity Miles

An app you can download on the Appstore where you can donate to charity by working out. The time spent working out is the amount of time you gain for hours, just submit proof of your walking distance/time


Another app where answering survey questions leads to the donation of rice grains to the World Food Program.


A website where the amount of questions you answer leads to more donations to charity! Similar to Free Rice, the survey questions = digital beans which are converted into a dollar amount for donations. Provide proof of how much time you spent on the website (screenshots of the time you started and ended/amount of beans you get).


A website where you finish coloring pages to make people smile!
You must print, color, and mail these pages to the address listed on the website.


A website where you can write letters for the elderly. Follow the rules listed on the website and mail your letter to their PO Box! Provide proof of your finished letter(s) and your ready-to-mail envelope. The amount of time it took to write/design your letter decides the hours you gain.


A Google Form that you can fill out to thank healthcare workers with digital letters. It’s very straightforward and requires no physical work, just typing. Provide proof of every letter you write;