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New members

Take these steps to become an official Key Club member!

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Key Club Application Form

Print, fill this out, and turn it in by the due date.

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Please fill out this application to become an official member to our club.

  • Please make sure that all parts of the application is filled out.

Please turn in your applications any board officer, preferably your representative.

Applications will be due on 09.2

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Before You Turn In Your Hour Sheet

Make sure the followings are filled out:

  • Name

  • Student ID

  • Grade

  • Quarter

  • Total Club Hours

  • Total Personal Hours

  • Total Hours

If the followings are NOT filled out, we will NOT accept your hour sheets



Please fill this our prior to our first general meeting. You cannot attend meeting with a COVID form.



Please fill the CCSD athletics and activities form in order to participate in key club. Turn this in along with your key club application.